Decisions Determine Destination


Hello and Welcome to Trinity Consulting Associates. My name is Constance Hermon and I am excited to share Navigating Successfully thru Death, Divorce and Trauma  with you. Each decision we make alters our outcomes. Becoming aware of our styles of decision making and our Blind Spots in that decision making process allows us to make better and better decisions which results in arriving at a more desirable destination.

It often seems that our most important decisions are required in our most stressful and stormy times. My goal is to support you to tie into your inner resources, help you chart a healthy and successful course to arrive at your desired destination.

I personally have had to navigate through death, divorce and trauma first hand. There is hope, calm water and light at the end of the storm and I would love to help you get to your destination and through your storm as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

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