What is Coaching?

Coaching is a support system that allows you to go beyond where you are to where you want to be. I feel that it is important as a Life Coach to be versed in various avenues of methods due to people are very dynamic in their makeup, backgrounds and life experiences.

What Coaching is not.

Coaching is not clinical therapy with in-depth analysis of your beginning of life thru current age accompanied often by a diagnosis. This is often an investment of much time and resources. This method has value in cases of extreme illness that would require medication and clinical supervision.

Although different types of life coaches may work in a variety of ways, life coaching with me works in a specific, structured format with a specific outcome in mind. This plan will be created specifically for you and how you are “wired”.  My goal is to equip you with the tools and self-awareness that you can use for the rest of your life-independent of a coach or therapist.

I have found we as people are fairly holographic. That means what’s the issue know has probably been an issue in the past. I refer to this as having a “Knot”. Example: You are betrayed and deeply hurt. In the hurt, which transforms to anger, a decision to self-protect is made “I will never get closed enough or trust enough to allow that to happen again!!!” This may even become buried and unconscious in your behavior and judgements. Then you may find yourself lonely or meet someone who intrigues you. You treat them like a “yo-yo” by drawing them closer-then backing away and sabotaging a potentially rewarding relationship. Knots just keep knotting up your life. Like pearls on a string, you have relationships that you escaped to be “safe”.

What is the Outcome?

I will work alongside you to identify knots, barriers and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. What’s really true, useful and what needs transformed. You will become more self-aware of your programming, blind spots and core values.

Working with me, you will have some homework. My goal is help with inner healing and transformation with you holding yourself accountable. We will assess your current position and celebrate your progress.

Why do I choose to Be a Life Coach?

I find great satisfaction in seeing what I call seeing the Light Bulb go off inside someone. When they understand the Knot, they see their Blind Spot and they become more authentic with themselves and others.

With this new found awareness and skill to create a course to arrive at their destination, life becomes new, hopeful and exciting again.

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