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Navigating Loss Seminar

As I widow myself, I know the first hand the darkness and the overwhelm of loss. At a time when emotions override mental facilitates, the world pulls at you to do administrative tasks-pay bills, make funeral arrangements, kids want physical materials or financial assets and the Storm begins.

In the Navigating Loss Seminar, you are able to reduce this stress considerably by being prepared as much as possible on many levels. The Life Jacket contains all the information needed for navigation thru these rough waters. It is designed to be a resource that your temporary  "Captain" can open and run your life while you grieve, as well as a support system that you can reach for in the middle of a sleepless night and find help.

This workshop was ideally created to prevent widows and widowers the extreme pain I observed in the lack of preparedness that overcame them, however, it has proven to be a tremendous support for those who are already on the grief journey.

The Life Jacket contains 5 chapters: The Mental, The Emotional, The Physical, The Financial and The Spiritual. The Mental and Emotional chapters hold all of you and your personal information in order for administrative things to go smoothly. The remaining chapters have some of your preferences, as well as house tons of support and education as you journey this stormy, dark sea of emotions, worldly obligations.

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