Navigating Loss Workshop

Navigating Loss Workshop

The Navigating Loss Workshop consists of a comprehensive notebook that features 5 Modules along with a PowerPoint presentation to support each module and illustrate the information. The Modules are as follows:

Mental- this modules is a comprehensive collection of data about your business life. It is designed to to function either as a reference point for you or as a  comprehensive resource for your "temporary captain" to keep things running while you grieve and taking care of more personal events.

Emotional- emotional module contains powerful resources to support you in these deep and overwhelming emotions which often overtake us when we are alone and at night.

Physical- taking care of our physical body often becomes last on the list even in the best of times, during stress it is essential that we have a reminder of how to support ourselves and a resource that helps our "temporary captain" make sure we have the medications and physical support items that comfort us.

Financial- money and financial instruments-often complicated with a clear mind can become muddled with emotion and stress. We will go over basic definitions and workings, action plans of order of execution, talk about number of death certificates and what kind is needed for what institution, titles and much more.

Spiritual- nothing brings this subject up concerning spiritual questions more indelibly than death and birth.  Due to my hospice, birthing and life experience, life itself has provided an expanded journey for me that I reference in this section. This chapter is non-denominational and a space for those who want to inquire, be heard and understood. As is all the modules, there are additional resources for those who would like to ask more detailed and personal questions.I have a short book on my experience concerning the death of my late husband that is a part of this section. I hope in it, comfort and hope can be found by those in pain.

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