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Divorce is a loss that is different for each person, but the same in that all the dreams and hopes-spoke and unspoken- are shattered.
Hurt often turns into anger and anger distorts and clouds everything......
Decisions are based on this filter of anger and often are short sided and full of regrets. We end up in a less than desirable destination. The wounds are deep and the pain spreads to all we come in contact with.

This wounded pattern of being often results in repeating flawed decisions result in history "repeating" itself. Before we realize it-our lives are knotted up puzzles - Again!! Our patterns, conscious and unconscious continue  to repeat just the same, as if they have a life of their own.

The process TCA engages is a hierarchy of models that offer clarity and UnKnotting of faulty beliefs. Implementing and teaching practical tools that produce a more desirable outcome of decisions, emotions and family ties.

Relationships are only as good as the communication in the relationship. We all have our styles, pace and natures. Identifying how best to connect and execute effective communication calms the waters of rough relationships. Being understood, see and heard is a great comfort.

These sessions are usually an hour in length. A time plan will be established based on the issue. The Philosophy is to minimize the time it takes to give you the lifetime tools to build the life of your dreams and sustain it through great choices and keen self awareness Select the button below to contact Constance today for your free one hour consultation!



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