Brain & Other Traumas

The Abyss. After suffering Brain Trauma and 3 concussions, I thought the above picture was appropriate. The whole world continues as you just observe.

However in this picture, one could see you have issues, with brain trauma you usually show none as long as you don't move or try to speak! Ha! Not a fulfilling life at all.

People can't see the damage within you, but they know you are know yourself. You may be able to describe the best you can where you are inside, what you feel but people usually ask "what do you need and how can I help?" the crazy of all of this is that if you could tell them-you could probably do it yourself and not need any assistance!

Trauma comes in all types of packages-

Natural Disasters; fire, flood, & storm

Accidents & All Types of Loss

Extreme Fear & a Myriad of Personal Experiences

The internal disconnects can often be reestablished with supporting the weakened communication channel, such as visual, auditory and feeling channels. Teaching the caregivers/companions how to accomplish this connection, along with appropriate recommendations to other resources can have can have profound and healing results.

This is often a complex issue and affiliates are referred to provide the maximum down time for the patient. We have seen old injuries as well as recent ones respond favorably to treatment.



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