Navigating Loss of  Death, Divorce and Trauma

Loss Preparation, Support & Resources for the Rough Seas of Life

Death & Loss

Loosing a loved one through death is one of the blackest of storms.

  • Emotions override mental faculties
  • Important & tender decisions must be made
  • Regretful words, actions & grieving paralyze.

Minimize the waves of emotional decisions & prevent negative ripples through out lives  of all involved.


Divorce is a loss that not is the same for any one person. However, divorce does hold commonalities:

  • Dreams &hopes that once were beautiful & alive with color are shattered
  • Hurt turns into anger which manifests itself as depression or as anger
  • Regrettable decisions of pain & anger become "Knots" in our lives.

The result is often a less than desirable destination.


Trauma comes in many forms. Natural disasters and accidents, terror & other experiences. Physically you may appear intact, but you & others know you are not yourself.

  • Internal communication disconnect

  • External miscommunication

  • Misconceptions of needs

Trauma can be healed and navigated successfully!



Constance is a accredited Life Coach, Master Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Master Linguistic Practitioner. Her interest in how the brain works, how and why we create what we do has been her passion for over 20 years.

She desires to see others grow and create a beautiful life even in the storms we are called to travel through.

Constance Hermon -MNLP, MTHth, Life Coach

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