The Life Jacket

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Keeping Afloat

The Life Jacket 


Life-full of unexpected storms of all sorts.

Death-sure to come. Sometimes we know it's approaching through illness or it just very suddenly a new reality.

In any situation,we are never really  emotionally ready for this transition. The loss of life is the loss of hope, dreams and love. Emotions override mental capacities. Ironically, this is the very time that a high level of competency and decision making tasks are required. How do we execute such huge tasks with so little resources?

Preparation-the best plan to ride the storm of loss. You need a Life Jacket. Our Life Jacket consists of a compilation of your information that can be used by your "temporary captain" /or yourself during your journey through out a storm.There will be tasks to delegate, tasks that only you can administer and tasks that can be fulfilled in advance within this book we call the Life Jacket.

This Life Jacket is built during the Navigating Loss Workshop.

If you would like to get a head start on putting your administrative section together please contact us and we will send that to you!


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